First visit to the dental clinic

The first visit to the dental clinic can be both exciting and a little strange, as we look at the teeth for the first time.


The child needs to prepare for what is going to happen at the dental check-up. Before the visit, it is good to let the child practice opening their mouth wide in front of a mirror as you count the teeth. Tell them about the chair, the lamp and the little mirror that is used to check their teeth. It may also be necessary to use a dental probe to pick on their teeth a little at the first visit.


This visit will lay the foundation for a trusting relationship that should last a lifetime, and the dental personnel will do their best to ensure that the dental check-up will be a positive experience for everyone.

The child will be in focus, and the parents will notice that the dental health professional will initially address the child directly. They will allow a good amount of time to talk to build confidence on the child’s terms.

If the person who comes along with the child has a relaxed attitude about visiting the dental hygienist/dentist, it will also help to give the child a sense of safety. Contact the dental clinic prior to the visit and let them know if the child is particularly anxious. Together you will then be able to find the best approach for the child.

The child’s dental health

You will receive information and guidance on what needs to be done to maintain good dental health. It is the responsibility of the public dental service is to guide you on how to best handle this task.

Ask if there is anything you are wondering about - any big and small issues regarding your child’s dental health. Inform us about illnesses, medications or dietary challenges. This can have an impact on dental health.